Airport Systems, GSE and Toolings


• We offer an integrated business model for a turnkey solution for Equipment OEMs and End-users
• We develop partnerships with equipment OEMs and start-ups towards innovation for performance and sustainability
• We support our clients thanks to an expert technical know-how for implementation and after-sales
• We implement digital and IIoT solutions

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Our objectives

  • Make aircraft ground handling and maintenance operations worry free
  • Reduce carbon emissions on the airside

Our added value that makes the difference


Local expert services

Technical support, calibration, project management…

We offer advanced Digital Industrial Solutions

Rental and leasing offer when purchase doesn’t make sense


Airport systems

Focused to solve some of the major challengers of modern airports – Safety, operational efficiency in congested environment and carbon emissions reduction

Infrastructure, Ground Cooling and Power

  • Pre-conditioned Air and 400Hz power systems for airports and hangars
  • Major technology to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions at the airport
  • In-ground pits, floor-mounted or bridge-mounted solutions
As Infrastructure Ground Cooling Power
Airfield Lighting Measurement And Maintenance

Airfield Lighting Measurement and Maintenance

  • Runway lights, approach lights, signage, apron lights
  • Runway photometric testing and consultancy
  • Maintenance and calibration

Sustainable and circular cleaning and sanitising solution: Aquama

  • Disrupting solution for general cleaning, disinfection and hand sanitising
  • Produce it on site, only what you need, from water and salt
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Circular and sustainable, proven savings and carbon emissions reductions
Infrastructure Ground Cooling Aquama

Ground Support Equipment

What you need is a reliable and highly efficient equipment that will serve you for many years, for the lowest overall cost. But what you need more even more is team of expert to make sure you can focus on what you do best – handling aircraft.

We also support you in your carbon emissions reduction and efficiency journey, with Electrical GSE and Smart Telematics solutions.

As Aircraft Pushback

Aircraft Pushback and Tow Tractors

  • Conventional and Towbarless for alll aircraft types
  • Highest efficiency and performance
  • Future-ready design
  • Low maintenance costs

Ground Power and Cooling

  • Best-in-class Ground Power Units and Air Starter Units
  • Air Conditioning Units that actually cool aircraft – even the A380 in equatorial climate (Yes!)
  • So we can switch off the APU and save fuel and carbon emissions
Ground Power And Cooling
Non Motorized Equipment

Non-motorised equipment

  • Tow bars, water and lavatory carts, nitrogen and oxygen carts and more
  • Aircraft recovery systems
  • Robust and well designed, and full of innovations
  • We may not be the cheapest – but you get the quality!

The Future of Ground Handling


Most of our equipment are available or soon available in electrical version. And you keep or increase their legendary performance, at a fraction of the maintenance costs.

We also provide the smart telematics and the charging infrastructure


Our GSE telematics solution is the most advanced solution for fleet management software specialised for Airports and Ground Handlers. Benefits are breathtaking.


You want your Equipment to tell you when it needs maintenance or what is the issue? Or you want to make sure you have enough equipment for the coming year, or you want your equipment to decide when you need to charge and where to make sure it is charged for the peak hour?


Today you can automate handling operations scheduling. You can automate the live surveillance to prevent collisions with aircraft or with other equipment. You can also automate speed monitoring, geofencing management, customer billing…

And yes tomorrow you will automate the pushbacks, towing and more!

What are the Benefits for our Customers?

  • Reduction of carbon emissions
  • Reduction of assets and investments
  • Improved safety and reduction of accidents
  • Enabling collaborative approaches such as pooling and sharing of assets
  • Ontime quality and delivery of your service


Our Premium Partners

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Maintenance and Tooling Equipment

A comprehensive range of tooling and equipment, selected and designed because they solve real problems faced by aircraft engineers, not adding some.

And again, service is our DNA : we provide you with technical support, local calibration, maintenance contracts and spare parts. We can also propose rental or leasing when required

JacXson U70/XL – A Revolutionary Engine and Landing Gear Change System

  • Narrow body and wide body Engines
  • All Landing Gears
  • Change your engine in less than one hour!
  • + 50% time and labour reduction


Jackson U70xl
Special Maintenance Tooling

Special Maintenance Tooling for Performance

  • Ex-proof Loop Resistance Tester
  • Avionics Test Equipment
  • Composite repair equipment, hot bonders, autoclaves
  • Hydraulic Ground Power Units
  • Maintenance platforms…


Premium Wiring and Harnesses Solutions

  • Harness testing systems
  • Laser wire markers and strippers
  • Digital wiring board


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